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Play 4 King Cash and get 100% welcome bonus

4 King Cash Review:

4 King Cash = 4 Chances of winning! Play with 4 slots, each with a total of 20 paylines and let your chances of winning explode!

You can really cash up when the symbols fall into the right places along any of the twenty paylines. There's even a bonus to be had when the sack of gold pops up on every line! And then there's also the bonus feature: letters in the slot machine's title can light up after each game! If after all four games, all the letters in the word "4 King" light up, you can try out your luck with the "Reel Kings" feature. If 5 Reel Kings appear on the reels, then you are set to win 500x that of your stake!

So grab your fourfold winning chances and let the reels roll!

4 King Cash Getting Started:

This slot machine (also know as gaming machine, fruit machine or one-armed bandit) has a total of 20 paylines. Each payline is a line that runs either horizontally, diagonally or zig-zag across the reels. By putting a stake on a payline, you 'activate' it. You stand to win when a winning symbol combination appears across one of your activated paylines.

Upon entering the game, you will be asked how much credit you would like to pay into the machine. This sum will be automatically entered into the slot machine, or 'one-armed' bandit.

You can raise or lower your stake set on each payline line in-game by clicking the respective "+ / -" symbols, located at the bottom of the playing field.

Click on "Start" to start playing. Players can opt for automatic play by clicking on "Autostart". Clicking on "Autostart" a second time will cancel automatic play.

4 King Cash Winnings:

Click on the "Paytable" button to display all symbols and winning combinations. All winnings are automaticall calculated according to your chosen stakes.

4 King Cash Reel King Bonus Game:

Pick up extra winnings with the Reel King feature. Up to 5 Reel Kings can randomly appear on the reels after every run. These symbols act like mini slot machines. On each of their 3 reels 7's in various colours appear, along with hash symbols. Use the "Start" and "Autostart" to play as with the normal game. According to their colour, the 7 symbols yield different wins. If a hash symbol appears on a Reel King, then it will disappear. You can keep playing the Reel King feature until each Reel King has disappeared.

4 King Cash Gameplay


Play 4 King Cash and get 100% welcome bonus