Silent Samurai Slot Review

Silent Samurai is a eastern themed video slot machine from Playtech under their newly termed Novel Slots brand. This together with Wild Spirit also released in June 2008, may herald the start of Playtech video slots attaining the same level as other game developers. This is a Japanese based samurai theme with extremely richly drawn graphics and a fantastic sound track to accompany the game. For their first trick there is a free spin round which is triggered when you hit the Samurai on reels 1 and 5. At this point you'll enter into a bonus screen where you throw shurikan at the ninjas on the screen. Each one will reveal either a number of free spins, a multiplier, a magic ninja or an evil ninja. Hit the magic ninja and you'll automatically reveal 3 more prize ninjas. Hit the evil ninja and your choices are over and the free spins you've won begins. Here you can win some seriously big prizes. If you hit the bonus samurai on reels 1 and 5 again, you'll get an additional 8 free spins. Overall, even though this is only 9 paylines, I think this is the beginning of some excellent new games at Playtech. Unfortunately because of UIGEA, this game is only available to players outside the USA.

Silent Samurai Scatter symbol

The Scatter symbols do not have to occur on a particular payline – if there are three or more Scatter symbols in the results, an additional win is earned. The payout for Scatter symbols is multiplied by the total bet.

Silent Samurai Bonus symbol

When Bonus symbols appear on the first and last reels, the bonus round immediately begins and the player is awarded a guaranteed prize of 5 times the total bet.

The bonus round offers a choice between a selection of Ninja symbols:

  • Some Ninjas award 1 to 5 free spins.
  • Other Ninjas increase the win multiplier of the free spins by 2.
  • Still other Ninjas are Magic Ninjas. If a Magic Ninja is picked, three winning Ninjas are picked automatically from the remaining ones.
  • And finally, there are some Evil Ninjas. Picking an Evil Ninja ends the bonus round, but awards one free spin.

In the bonus round Ninjas are picked one by one until an Evil Ninja is picked, or until all winning and Magic Ninjas have been picked.

During the free spins, the reels are spun automatically using the same number of lines and bets per line as on the spin that won the free spins. After each spin, the win is displayed in the Win field. The Free Spin Win field shows the accumulated winnings from the current free spins.
After all free spins have been completed, a result board summarizes the winnings. Game win shows the winnings that were received from the spin that won the free spins. Feature win shows the winnings that were received from the free spins. Total win shows the aggregate winnings (Game Win and Bonus Win added up).
Clicking Continue will return you to the main game. If Bonus symbols appear on the first and last reels during a free spin, 8 new free spins are added to the existing ones. The win multiplier does not change.